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The PEAC Solutions brand stands for Pan-European Americas Capital Solutions and underscores the group’s global ambitions.
Our goal is to create reliable value for our clients around the world and to seek new and innovative ways to grow our financing capabilities. In addition, our international presence will give us access to a wide range of opportunities to develop existing operations and pursue our growth strategy.
12 Countries
Extending financing solutions worldwide to: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Italy, USA and Canada
Full-time employees

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PEAC Solutions is the biggest global independent financing solutions provider. This impressive reach gives us the ability to stay on the leading edge of the financial services industry. It also provides a stable platform to showcase our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance.
Our multinational presence allows access to a wide set of opportunities to expand existing operations and pursue acquisitions.


PEAC Solutions Italy is present in financial leasing, vendor finance and operating rental. Our business strategy is in line with that of the PEAC Group with a dedicated focus in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical and fitness
  • Green mobility and energy
  • Office Equipment
  • Software
  • IT
  • Telecommunications