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You Cannot Buy Success. But You Can Lease It.

Whether you want to expand your business or remain competitive, with leasing solutions from PEAC Solutions, you always use the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technologies for your business success.

From machine construction to forklift truck to office equipment, we support you with profound, comprehensive know-how in machinery and equipment leasing.

We know the assets, the industries as well as their cycles. With this in-depth knowledge, we develop integrated solutions comprising financing, insurance, and service — individually tailored to your business and market.

Our Offering: A Sound Financing.

Leasing, PEAC Solutions
  • Full amortization agreement
  • Partial amortization agreement
  • Terminable agreements
  • Purchase options
  • Agreements with fixed purchase option
  • Operational lease agreements
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Lease purchase
  • Ownership without credit
  • Fixed installments with or without final payment at the end of the term
  • Contract term up to 100% of the normal service life of the plant
  • Can be combined with public subsidies
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  • Sale of used, unencumbered objects and further use through a leasing contract
  • Leveraging of hidden reserves
  • Creation of spare liquidity
  • Improvement of balance sheet and equity ratio