Offer Financing

More Sales and Earnings Through Smart Sales Financing.

Make your offered services even more attractive and even easier for your customers. By offering products and financing from a single source, you can secure additional sales opportunities.

PEAC Solutions supports you in this process — in partnership, with many years of experience, comprehensive financing know-how, and efficient tools.

Added Value for You
The Best Solutions for You — in the Shortest Possible Time.

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Fast decisions

Most of your customers want to place an order immediately and prefer to take their goods with them.

No problem. Because when it comes to financing requests, we can provide you with a well-founded and transparent decision within a few minutes. And the simple electronic contract processing saves you additional time.

Calculate an indicative leasing rate for your customers quickly and easily. Our PEAC webCAL app makes it possible. No matter where and when, simply on your smartphone.

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Direct contract processing

You need offers immediately? Use our automated financing solutions.

Three ways are available to you: our partner portal PEAC webPAL, the connection of your software via our intelligent interface PEAC webAPI, or the store integration PEAC webPAY.

Our digital decision process provides all necessary contract documents immediately. And even after signing the contract, you have an overview of all activities via your partner cockpit.

Learn more about process and technical realization

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Immediate invoice settlement

You will immediately receive the full invoice amount for the leased asset.

Save yourself the hassle of time-consuming accounts receivable management and benefit from direct cash receipt — to optimize your cash flow or to secure discounts from your suppliers.

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Further follow-up business

Via the partner portal PEAC webPAL or the Partner Cockpit, you can see at any time which leasing contracts are expiring and when.
Use this transparency and address your customers at the ideal time for a follow-up investment.

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Trainings, advertising material and more

We have the tools you need to turn sales financing into an instrument for sustainable business success.

We train your employees in practice-oriented training, offer effective PoS instruments, and if you like, we are also personally available for you to support you during sales talks, trade fairs, roadshows, etc..

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Internationally available for you

PEAC Solutions also supports you in cross-border business with international vendor partnerships.

Your advantage: We are familiar with the regional peculiarities, e.g., in terms of contract law, currency, or subsidies. You can rely on a fixed contact person and concrete support on-site. We currently offer solutions for international markets in ten countries worldwide.

Added Value for Your Customers
Flexible and Safe: Leasing for your Customers.

Make your offer even more attractive. Offering leasing to your customers keeps their equipment up to date at all times, without any residual value or marketing risk. In concrete terms, your customers benefit in two ways.

A convenient overall package

  • Everything from one source: product, financing, service.
  • Easy and fast solution: select, finance, and use products.
  • Investing without collateral from mortgages or equity.
  • No long waiting for credit decisions, immediate financing decisions usually within a few minutes.

Safety by flexible contract design

  • Individual instalments tailored to user behavior.
  • Safe investment decisions due to short terms.