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Online in a Few Steps to Contract Closing.

Via our partner portal PEAC webPAL , inquiries, approvals, and contracts are handled unbureaucratically and without much effort for you.

PEAC Solutions, Financing, Process and Realization

Your Easy Access to the Partner Portal.

PEAC Solutions offers you three options to access financing opportunities digitally.

The partner portal for your stationary distribution

PEAC webPAL simplifies processes, supports documentation and communication and is intuitive and easy to use. Here you have full access to financing requests and approvals, can enter new orders and the contract is automatically created and stored in the portal. Contract expiration and follow-up business can be scheduled without further effort.

Our webshop integration

PEAC Solutions, as a white label financing solution, offers the charming possibility to offer leasing solutions to your customers under your own name. Sales financing via your online store has never been easier. All your processes remain as they are. PEAC’s team of experts will ensure optimal onboarding and help you with the technical integration of the plugin.

Our ERP System Integration

PEAC webAPI offers you flexible, customized and seamless integration with your ERP system, CRM or sales front-end tool. This allows you to quickly and clearly execute and monitor all processes from your existing systems with just a few clicks. We provide you with a proven standard API including documentation, thus ensuring optimal onboarding. If required, we can also help you with the technical integration of the interface.